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Bandrolsüz - meaning without a tax certificate - is a collective of 5 independent publication houses Bakkal Press, torna, Onagöre, REC Collective and Too Many Books who got together in February 2011.

Bandrolsüz aims to create possibilities for sale and distribution of artists' books and reproductions.

During the times when electronic publications and magazines start to take over the printed medium, Bandrolsuz creates a space, away from large distribution companies and chain bookstores, where the book is considered as a location and a channel.

Bandrolsüz draws attention to alternative productions through regular sale events, workshops and talks at different venues both in Istanbul and internationally.

bakkal is an independent publishing house based in Istanbul,Turkey. Focused on unique, small-run and limited edition zines and artist books.


torna is a project space for contemporary art and a bookshop in Kadıköy, Istanbul. It consists of 3 neighbouring rooms inside an arcade. The projects that happen in torna rely on the limitations of working within/alongside another running production space. torna encourages the possibilities of exhibiting in a non white cube gallery space. torna was founded by Merve Kaptan in 2011.


Co-founded by Ali Taptık and Okay Karadayılar.


REC, is a collective founded by Melisa Önel, Selim Süme, Serkan Taycan, Sevim Sancaktar who are artists that work in the area of photography and film.

The aim is to create various platforms to share work and open a discussion about “the image” through each member’s specific approach to their work. Periodic book publication and self-organized exhibitions are among their activities.


Too Many Books is an independent publication house co-founded in 2010 by Merve Kaptan and Gözde Türkkan. Produces artists' books, special editions and other curious publications.